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What the critics and scholars say ..


  • “Supriya Desai has successfully carried the art of classical dance to the United states winning accolades ..The imaginative and arresting choreography by Supriya gained an extra dimension” – Padmashree Dr. Sunil Kothari, Deccan herald


  • "The Bharathanatyamarangetrams by students of Supriya of NC during last two years gave a glimpse of the hard work that has gone into the training in the art. – S.N. Chandrashekar, dance and music critic for Indian Express


  • “what makes one take notice of this dancer is the way she has groomed her wards in North Carolina … Her composition of dances has set her apart as a teacher of worth.” –   Jyoti Raghuram, “The Hindu”


  • “proved remarkably capable in teaching as seen from the arangetrams of her students “ - Dr. M. Surya Prasad, dance critic for “The Hindu”, “Times of India”, “Indian Express”


  • "Well choreographed and presented with utmost care for the purity of the form" -


  • "should be appreciated for promoting and preserving our Indian classical performing arts in prestine form" -


  • "flawless and crisp performance - credit must certainly go to her variously talented guru Supriya Desai" - Dr. M. Surya Prasad in The New Indian Express, on an arangetram performance of Supriya's student

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