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 Performance video samples


Karishma Desai was auditioned and was selected by Indian Television, Doordarshan as a B+ graded artist.  Her performance was telecast all over the state of Karnataka in Feb 2010.


A very successful and popular production "Sri Krishna Parijatha" was presented as a fundraiser for the Hindu Society of North Carolina in 2002 and presented in Bangalore, India in 2003.  The clip is from a scene in Indra Lok, where the famed celestial dancers like Rambha and Urvashi are entertaining the King of Gods, Indra


Another scene from the production Sri Krishna Parijatha.  Supriya plays the role of Satyabhama, Krishna's spouse.  The highlight of the dance clip is the powerful abhinaya from the dancer, depicting all the emotions of Satyabhama, such as arrogance, pride, jealousy, etc.

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